Soft ferrites


Ferrites are compounds of ferrous oxide and bivalent metal oxide such as (ZnO, MnO, NiO, BaO etc.) having ferrimagnetic properties.
In comparison with metal ferromagnetic materials, ceramic ferrimagnetic materials have the following advatanges:
- high electric resistance, enabiling application fo ferrite cores at high frequencies,
high value of initial permability ) μ=17- 10.000),
-technology of producing ferrites enables manufactute of cores suitable for application.
All these properties make ferrites indispensible magnetic material for electric components.
According to application ferrites are devided into:
- soft ferrites for consumer goods,
-soft ferrites for professional use,
- ferrites for memories and switching cores,
- micro-wave ferrites.
Soft ferrites-Nickel-zinc and Manganese-zinc ferrites - have narrow hyteresis loop, that denotes very small coercive field.

Complex permability as a function of frequency

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